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Gajah 48

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah 48     1.8 MB  2018

2018 - Gajah 48

0 and

Cover, editorial board, instructions for contributors and contents

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1 Editorial

Jennifer Pastorini

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2-3 Notes from the Chair IUCN SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group

Vivek Menon

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Research Article - Peer Reviewed

4-11 The elephant who finally crossed the road - significant life events reflected in faecal hormone metabolites of a wild Asian elephant

Ee Phin Wong, Lisa Yon, Susan L. Walker, Alicia Solana Mena, Jamie Wadey, Nasharuddin Othman, Salman Saaban & Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz

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Research Articles

12-19 Sociological dimensions of human-elephant conflict with trans-boundary herds in northern Bangladesh

Anwar Palash, Muntasir Akash & Md. Anwarul Islam

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Short Communications



The railway-line fence: A new passive elephant barrier at Bannerghatta National Park, Southern India

A. Saklani, D. Kumar, A. Gayathri & A. Krishnan

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Human-elephant conflict in Patheria Hills Reserve Forest along the Indo-Bangladesh border in Northeast India

Himangshu Dutta, Hilloljyoti Singha, Biman Kumar Dutta & Panna Deb

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Perceptions of human-elephant conflict around Abhaypur Reserve Forest in Northeast India

Animekh Hazarika & Himangshu Dutta

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Unexpected resting behaviour in a geriatric zoo elephant

Christian Schiffmann, Kevin Knibbs, Marcus Clauss, Jon Merrington & Darren Beasley

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Olfactory cognitive enrichment training for a male Asian elephant

Clair Holland

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Esophageal blockage in a captive Asian elephant

Zaw Min Oo, Tin Tun Aung, Myo Min Aung, Nin Nada & Myo Than

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News and Briefs

40-45 9th Meeting of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group

Sandeep K. Tiwari & Vivek Menon

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46-47 Regional Tiger, Asian Rhino and Elephant Veterinary Workshop in Chitwan, Nepal

Amir Sadaula, Sharada Thapaliya & Heidi S. Riddle

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48-49 Report on the Sixth Elephant Conservation Group Workshop

Jennifer Pastorini

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50-69 Recent publications on Asian elephants

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70-78 News briefs

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