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Vivek Menon elected to the IUCN Governing Council

8th September 2021: At the World Conservation Congress in Marseille, the members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) elected the new governing Council for 2021-25. Mr Vivek Menon was elected as IUCN Regional Councillor for South and East Asia.

Celebrating his election as a Councillor of the IUCN, from the South and East Asian Region, AsESG Chair Vivek Menon said, “I am honoured to serve the IUCN in a governance role and will bring my three decades of conservation and management expertise to ensure that we have a strong and decisive agenda for nature conservation in this critical moment in history and the finances to achieve it. I thank the members who believed in me and will work to strengthen the membership, the commissions and secretariat during my tenure on the council”.

Vivek Menon’s role on the Council adds to his existing role as Deputy Chair of IUCN Species Survival Commission, Chair of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group, member of the Species Survival Commission Steering Committee and Conservation Translocation Specialist Group. Regional Councillors provide input to the Council on the interests, priorities and needs of the IUCN Members in the Regions; they act as IUCN’s ambassadors, working with the President and Director General to advance the interests and Mission of the Union and to promote its services within the Region.

The IUCN Congress is the world’s largest conservation forum where Members vote on conservation, environmental, and sustainable development issues and also elects the Council. The new IUCN Council will move forward to guide the strategic direction of the Union over the next four years.

He also spoke at various forums. At an event organised by IUCN Species Survival commission on Assess-Plan-Act to Reverse the Red within SSC on 5th September, he spoke on the initiatives undertaken by AsESG for the conservation of elephants in Asia and the conservation efforts of Sabah Wildlife Department, local NGOs and conservationists and AsESG members for the conservation of Borneo elephants.

Mr Vivek Menon addressing the Assess-Plan-Act to Reverse the Red within SSC


The Asian Elephant Specialist Group (AsESG) is a global network of specialists concerned with the study, monitoring, management, and conservation of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in its 13 range states