Gajah 54

Gajah 54

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah 54

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0 Cover, editorial board, instructions for contributors and contents Download PDF
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1 Editorial
Jennifer Pastorini
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2-3 Notes from the Chair IUCN SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group
Vivek Menon
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Research Articles

4-10 Human-elephant conflict around Pu Mat National Park, Vietnam
N.X. Dang, T.X. Cuong, V.C.A. Tuan, N.X. Nghia & N.T. Dat
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11–15 Mortality patterns of Asian elephants in Odisha, eastern India
N.C. Palei, B.P. Rath & D.R. Behera
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16–23 The world-renowned annual elephant gathering in Minneriya, Sri Lanka – Will it endure?
M.D.S.I. Karunatilaka, S. Pilapitiya & M.R. Wijesinghe
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24–29 Successfully assisting a geriatric elephant in resuming lying rest – A case report
NC. Schiffmann, B. Stefan, B. Simon, L. Hellriegel & I. Lüders
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Short Communications

30–33 Elephant and human mortality in the Bannerghatta-Hosur Landscape, southern India
E. Ranganathan & A. Krishnan
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34-36 Human-elephant conflict in Joypur forest influence areas, West Bengal, India
M. Mandal & N.D. Chatterjee
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37-39 The Tal-Kholgarh elephant corridor in Odisha, India
N. Mohanty & M.R. Mahananda
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40–44 Toxocara elephantis infection in a juvenile Asian elephant and its management
N. Bora, S. Ali, K. Sarma, P. Roychoudhury, C.G. Eregowda, H. Prasad, J.B. Rajesh, G.J. Mohanarao, S.K. Behera, D. Das & B. Choudhury
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45–48 White blood cell extraction and in-vitro assessment of phagocytosis using Escherichia coli in Asian elephants
K.G.S. Udayanga, A. Dangolla, M.R.C.K. Mallawa & I. Silva
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News and Briefs

49-50 7th IUCN World Conservation Congress
Sandeep K. Tiwari
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51 Obituary: Dr. Kalayansundaram Ramkumar (4.8.1978 – 1.6.2021)
Vivek Menon
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52–53 Book review: Sanjeev Kumar Chadha's Jumbos on the edge: The future of elephant conservation in India
Paul Keil
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54–80 Recent Publications on Asian Elephants
Jennifer Pastorini
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The Asian Elephant Specialist Group (AsESG) is a global network of specialists concerned with the study, monitoring, management, and conservation of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in its 13 range states