Gajah 9

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #9

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0 Cover, contents and photo page Download PDF
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3-4 Comment
Lyn de Alwis & Charles Santiapillai
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4-13 Recommendations for improving the management of captive elephants in Way Kambas National Park Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia
V. Krishnamurthy
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14-15 Trade in elephant and ivory: Sonepur (India), 1991
D. K. Lahiri-Choudhury
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15-18 Is translocation a management tool?
Mohd. Khan bin Momin Khan, Tajudin Abdullah Mustafa Abdul Rahman & B. Mohd. Nor
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18-26 Asian elephant: Nature’s four-wheel drive vehicle
Charles Santiapillai & Widodo Sukohadi Ramono
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26-28 Need for an international registry of domesticated elephants
Richard C. Lair
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29 Management of elephants in captivity in Sri Lanka
Vasantha Nugegoda
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30-31 A short report on the status of the elephants in Burma (based on a visit to Burma in January 1992)
H. P. Nooteboom
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32-33 A report on the workshop on elephant management in Thailand
Uma Ramakrishnan
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34-35 Saving the Asian elephant
Pak Abdul Bari
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36-37 IUCN/SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group Meeting 20-22 May 1992, Bogor, Indonesia
R. Sukumar & Charles Santiapillai
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37-41 Implementation of Asian Elephant Action Plan. Projects developed at the 4th AESG in Bogor Period: 1993 - 1994
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41-43 Opening address by the Director General
Sutisna Wartaputra
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43-45 Asian Elephant Conservation Centre project progress report
R. Sukumar
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46 Import, carving and sale of African ivory banned
Ashok Kumar
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47-49 Asian Elephant Specialist Group list of members
Lyn de Alwis
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The Asian Elephant Specialist Group (AsESG) is a global network of specialists concerned with the study, monitoring, management, and conservation of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in its 13 range states