Gajah 41

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #41

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Research Articles

3-11 The effect of visitor group size on stereotypic behaviour and use of available space by captive Asian elephants
Kavitha Krishnan & Stan Braude
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12-19 The anomalous elephant: Terminological dilemmas and the incalcitrant domestication debate
Piers Locke
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20-24 Seasonal behaviour and treatments of elephants in ancient India
K. G. Sheshadri
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Short Communications

25-27 A history of elephants in the Amersfoort Zoo, Holland
Marjo Hoedemaker
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28-31 First confirmed case of fatal tuberculosis in a wild Sri Lankan elephant
B. V. P. Perera, M. A. Salgadu, G. S. P. de S. Gunawardena, N. H. Smith & H. R. N. Jinadasa
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32-35 Final destination: Range expansion and behaviour of Asian elephants in northern Western Ghats, India
Milind D. Patil
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36 Elephants in the Bible
Jacob V. Cheeran
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News and Briefs

37-38 The world marches against extinction of elephants and rhinoceros
Kylie Butler
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39-40 Asian Elephant Symposium at the Society for Conservation Biology - Asia Meeting
Prithiviraj Fernando & Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz
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41-42 Appreciation: Charles Santiapillai (1944-2014)
Raman Sukumar
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43-58 Recent Publications on Asian Elephants
Jennifer Pastorini
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59-64 News Briefs
Jayantha Jayewardene
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The Asian Elephant Specialist Group (AsESG) is a global network of specialists concerned with the study, monitoring, management, and conservation of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in its 13 range states